Champions Collection

I have taken on the utterly crazy goal of painting every one of professional wrestling’s world champions. I felt that no artist had ever really approached this subject matter with any serious intent. I’m coming at each one with a passion I’ve built over the years for this wacky sport and attempting to depict the true essence of each of the subjects.

For those concerned with such things, this list includes World Champions from the following promotions: WWWF/WWF/WWE, WCW, TNA, ROH, ECW, NWA, AWA, USWA, WCWA and WWA.

Abyss Ahmed Johnson
AJ Styles Ali Baba
Art Thomas Austin Aries
Awesome Kong Barry Windham
Batista Big E
Bill Dundee Bill Longson Billy Watson
Black Bart Blackjack Mulligan
Bobby Colt Bobby Lashley
Bobo Brazil Bo Dallas
Brent Albright
Buddy Austin
Bully Ray Butch Reed Chavo Guerrero
Chris Candido
Danno O’Mahoney
Dave Levin Davey Richards Dean Detton
Dick Shikat
Dick the Bruiser Don Eagle Don Leo Jonathan
Dr Bill Miller Dragon Master
Eddie Edwards Eddie Gilbert
Edouard Carpentier Eric Young Ethan Carter III
Everett Marshall Ezekiel Jackson
Fred Sexton Gary Steele
Giant Baba
Golden Lion Gorgeous George Great Muta
Guy Mitchell
Hiroshi Hase Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Iceman King Parsons
Jack Swagger James Gibson Jay Briscoe
Jay Lethal Jeff Hardy
Jerry Lynn
Jumbo Tsuruta
Kahagas Ken Anderson
Ken Shamrock Kerry von Erich
KIM II King Cobra King Reginald
Larry Zbysko
Low Ki Luke Graham
Mark Lewin
Marv Westerberg Masato Tanaka Matt Hardy
Michael Elgin Mighty Igor Vodic
Mike Rapada Mitsu Arakawa
Naoya Ogawa Neville
Orville Brown Otto Wanz
Ox Baker Papa Shango
Pedro Morales Pepper Gomez
Raven Ray Steele
Ricky Morton
Rikidozan Rob Conway
Roderick Strong Ron Garvin
Sabu Sami Zayn
Sandor Szabo Satoshi Kojima
Snowman Spike Huber Stan Stasiak
Stormy Granzig Takeshi Morishima
Tatsumi Fujinami Taz Terry Funk
Tim Woods Todd Champion
Tommy Rich Toyonobori
Vince Russo Wayne Munn
Yvon Robert


I successfully ran a Kickstarter project to fund this collection. Here is a list of the amazing people who backed me:

Katy Schamberger  l  Dee and Roger Clark  l  Pat and Lisa Ryan  l  Ruth Ann and Betty Scott  l  Brian Kelley  l  Shelly Kramer  l  Gene Winters  l  Aaron Wadle  l  Adam and Danielle Ryan  l  Adam Lash  l  Adam Pearce  l  Alexandre Menard  l  Andrew Cerrone  l  Andrew Lazarchik  l  Anthony Mann  l  Bailee Chrisler  l  Beth Coffman  l  Brad Fanning  l  Brad Mitchell  l  Brandi Wagner  l  Brett Tulloss  l  Brian Bohannon  l  Brian Jubeck  l  Brian Streleckis  l  Chad Pennell  l  Charley Dingboom  l  Charlie Nielsen  l  Chris Gough  l  Chris Growcock  l  Chris Holly  l  Chris Sims  l  Chris Symes  l  Cristobal Salcedo  l  Dana Beguerie  l  Daniel Brookes  l  Daniel Riha  l  Dave Adams  l  David Allison  l  David Barnett  l  David Butler  l  David Gitlin  l  David Timmons  l  Douglas Scarpa  l  Duane Hodges  l  Eddie Martin  l  Emerson Witner  l  Eric McGraw  l  Erik Donaldson  l  Ervin Roberts  l  Frank Powers  l  Gary Clark  l  Gene Verley  l  Glynn Andrews  l  Jack Campbell  l  Jack Tierney  l  Jacob Collins  l  Jacob Luke  l  Jad Mattar  l  James Hassel  l  James Turnbull  l  Jamie Young  l  Janis Yarnevich  l  Jason Brazier  l  Jason Hurley  l  Jason Mize  l  Jason Preu  l  Jason Showe  l  Jawara Blake  l  Jed Brazier  l  Jeff Hobbs  l  Jeremy Wyatt  l  Jerry Creager  l  Jim Vollrath  l  Joel Savage  l  John Madigan  l  John Pinkus  l  John Ryan  l  Johnny Mercer  l  Jordan Urlacher  l  Jose Mata  l  Josh Knazan  l  Joshua Richter  l  Juan Ortiz  l  Jules Bentley  l  Julian Bond  l  Jun-Pierre Shiozawa  l  Justin Kendall  l  Katherine Otto  l  Ken Fuqua  l  Kendra Farmer  l  Kerri Pras  l  Kinsey Walters  l  Krysztof Nemeth  l  Kyle Barch  l  Kyle J Morris  l  Lacey Storer  l  Laine Alter  l  Laura Seymour  l  Lisa Eimers  l  Mampaey Kris  l  Marc Barrington  l  Marcus Kastler  l  Marie Nau Hunter  l  Mark D. Shevlin  l  Mary Ryan  l  Mason Groth  l  Matt Murphy  l  Matthew Bobola  l  Meghann McDonald  l  Melissa Murray  l  Michael Crase  l  Michael Inguagiato  l  Michael J Killam  l  Michael Kingston  l  Mickey Worsnup  l  Midnight Guthrie  l  Mike Giba  l  Mitchell Rudolph  l  Nathaniel Miller  l  Nick Borge  l  Nicole Donaldson  l  Nigel McGuinness  l  Noelle Amick  l  Osama Malik  l  Patty Poore  l  Peter Kogan  l  Peter Peresin  l  Raphel Love  l  Reggie Cole  l  Rhonda Schoenleber  l  Richard Hirschmann  l  Rob Garrow  l  Rob Justice  l  Robin Moss  l  Ronald Whited  l  Ross Laidlaw  l  Rusty Glusing  l  Ryan Dearbone  l  Ryan Holliday  l  Ryan Kent  l  Ryan Sponseller  l  Samuel Doyon  l  Sara Lansing  l  Sarah Maguffee  l  Scott Colton  l  Scott Knopf  l  Seth Burchett  l  Shane Maniaci  l  Sharon Bundy  l  Steve Baker  l  Steve Bingham  l  Steve Hoeker  l  Steve Kozle  l  Steve Slaughter  l  Sunaina Velagaleti  l  Susan Hart  l  Tom Blackett  l  Travis Bowden  l  Tricia Halford  l  Wes Bowen  l  William Kubicz  l  William Shaw

Thank you everyone!


  1. TBPRapper

    You should do a raven picture, TNA NWA champ era. It would be cool because your style of paint just can mesh with his dark errry style. On top of that raven is my favorite wrestler

  2. Vanessa

    It would be great if you would create one of Sting from the long haired crow WCW days!

  3. Jamal

    The charismatic enigma is not on this list?!?!?!? #areyouseriousbro
    But in all seriousness, Jeff Hardy would be awesome with your style of painting

    • Rob

      Hi Jamal! I haven’t gotten to Jeff Hardy yet, but I plan to soon. You’re very right, his look would go perfect with my style!

  4. Monty

    Draw Kurt angle, Aj Styles, Daniel Bryan and Sting

  5. Joe

    In no way do I mean to be a smark, because I think this undertaking is 100% awesome, but are you going to do…David Arquette?

    • Rob

      Not only am I doing David Arquette, but he tweeted last Sunday that he’s buying the painting! For reals, take at look at!

  6. Nate

    I can’t wait to see the Stan the Lariat Hanson painting. That will be sick. What about Bruiser Brody too? I’m not sure if he was ever a champion but he is one of the top wrestlers of all time. Good luck with this project, it is very noble of you.

    • Rob

      I’ve already done Brody, because he’s one of, if not totally my favorite. Stan Hansen is a beast and I’m excited to portray him!

  7. John

    What about one of the Undertaker ? The only issue is which persona, considering he was World Champion as Western, Lord of Darkness, Ministry, Big Evil and Deadman/Hybrid persona. I’d say Ministry or Hybrid

    • Rob

      My wife asks me every day when I’m starting the ‘Taker painting! I think I’ll probably portray him from around Wrestlemania 20.

  8. Saul

    Will you ever sell reprints or something? I’d love to get a Foley and Sheamus Print. Awesome work mate! Can’t wait to see more!

    • Rob

      Thanks Saul! I’m looking into doing prints, but there’s a lot of rights issues with doing them that I have to be careful about.

  9. Drew

    Can we purchase some of these?

  10. cris

    These are amazing! I hope Eddie Guerrero is on the list.

  11. eEly

    How much would I have to pledge for the Lesnar painting or Punk painting? Thanks

  12. Martin

    I really want one to donate to the kickstarter project but its only for us and canadian residents. Any provisions in place for uk fans? I’d be happy to donate a little more for shipping.

  13. Anthony Maurizio

    WCW world champ Vince Russo on the list??? Hope so! #NewBlood

  14. Bob:When the project is done do you plan on creating a book of the champions portraits///

    • Rob

      It’s something I’m considering. There’s just a lot of rights issues that would need to be addressed first!

  15. Dennis Caudle

    Rob, I trust you will include my favorite wrestler today, the former TNA World Heavy Weight Champion, the “Samoan-Submission Machine, ” Samoa Joe on your list, and don’t forget my all-time favorite wrestler, Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the “Lone Wolf” Barry Windham!

  16. anthony

    Are you doing ROH guys? What’s the cutoff for heavyweight champ? Likewise will be seeing the likes of Inoki, Big Daddy, Misawa and other overseas legends or would that be too much to handle?

    • Rob

      Hi Anthony!

      I’m definitely doing ROH! Nigel McGuinness and CM Punk are already represented!

      Inoki was an NWA champ, I know off-hand, so he’s on the list. I’m starting with the major American promotions, and then possibly branching out.

    • anthony

      Hey Rob. Wasn’t sure if Nigel was just for his last of McGuinness project (which I’ll be getting a copy of).
      Looking forward to Inoki.

      Also, how are you planning on selling them?
      I know someone asked about prints and it’s still iffy but are you just setting up a store or auctioning them?

    • Rob

      I’ll be setting up a store later this week. Some will go to auction to raise money for charity. Hulk Hogan and John Cena, for instance, I’ll be putting up to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

  17. I can’t say enough good things about Rob’s artwork. Just absolutely amazing. Look for a Q&A with Rob at on Thursday, May 17, 2011!

  18. Ric

    These are fantastic, and a great concept for us wrestling fans. Sadly, I was turned on to this a bit too late. Now, that the funding has been closed, are any paintings available for purchase directly.

    • Rob

      Hi Ric! Yes, I’ll have ordering info up on the site soon. In the meantime, you can email me at robschamberger at gmail dot com and we can work something out!

  19. James

    Is Nelson Frazier Jr. on the list? (aka Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V?)
    Because he’s my favorite (other than Randy Savage). He held a handful of smaller heavyweight titles, but also held the USWA Heavyweight Championship in Memphis, which was formerly the AWA and NWA Southern Heavyweight Championships.

  20. Branden

    When do you plan on painting Y2J? I’d love 2 buy it. Even drive 3hrs up 2 kcity if I had 2 man.

    • Rob

      I don’t have a timetable set up, but if you’re wanting to commission it right away, I can get started on it! Shoot me an email at robschamberger at gmail dot com and we’ll work something out!

  21. John

    Hi I just want to know if you’re going to paint any of the Four Corners Of Heaven in All Japan during the nineties? Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi and Taue. Nethertheless I can’t wait to see how the rest these paintings turn out.

    • Rob

      Hi John! I don’t currently have plans for the Japanese promotions, but I haven’t ruled them out, either!

  22. Brandon

    If your doing Sting how about a painting in which half is 80’s Sting and the other the Crow version, or Insane Icon version?

  23. Alex

    Dude, this is great! As a lifelong wrestling fan and artist myself I can really appreciate your work. Thank you for including our puertorican champion Carlos Colon. Any chance of also painting other puertorican champions like The Invader 1. He has one of the coolest looking masks in the business and would look great. Also noticed Abdullah the Butcher is not on the list. Thank you once again!

  24. Walter Willis

    Are you going to do Gerald (Jerry) Brisco as well? He was World Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

    • Rob

      Not as part of this collection, but if someone wants to commission one I’m totally up for it!

  25. chris

    Cant wait to see The Living Legend Larry Zbyszko. My favorite of all time.

  26. Nick

    Mil Máscaras would make for an incredibly vibrant piece.

  27. Joseph Fadoir

    OK I have a few questions. Why is Ahmed Johnson on this list? He was never a world champion that I know of. Which world titles are you going by for your list? Just ones mainly defended in the United States like WWE/F, WCW, NWA, ECW, ROH and AWA? Would the IWGP and All Japan Triple Crown count towards this list? I only bring this up because I feel its a travesty that Ahmed Johnson is on this list but Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa are not. If you are not planning on doing those 2 then I might be interested in commissioning one of Kenta Kobashi. What are my options in price ranges and mediums? Can I pick which picture I want made into a painting?

    • Rob

      Ahmed Johnson was a one-time USWA World Champion. The list includes WWWF/WWF/WWE, NWA, WCW, ROH, ECW, USWA, WWA and AWA. I don’t have Japanese or Mexican promotions on here due to my lack of knowledge on those territories. I want to make sure I’m giving the proper respect that these individuals deserve when I do their portraits. See for more information on commissioning an original. Yes, you can feel free to send me a reference pic. FYI, my rates are going up on Wednesday.

  28. james

    keen for big show

  29. kris

    Your artwork is amazing brother !! Have you thought about painting the Road Warriors ?

  30. Joseph

    I love your art work! Especially the Owen Hart and Randy Savage paintings. Really looking forward to seeing Bret Hart and Curt Hennig. I was looking at the names that you have spaces for and noticed one omission. What about Chris Benoit? He did have a championship career, but a horrible end to life. Are you going to make one for him?

  31. Tom

    Just stumbled across your work and love it. Never seen artwork of wrestlers that i’ve loved anywhere near as much. Looking forward to seeing your Kane work, that should be awesome. No question, just wanted to say keep it up and thanks.

  32. Eric V

    Just saw some of your artwork on the new WWE Cover photo for their Facebook page… Wow. Congrats