Scott Hall by Rob Schamberger © 2012 Rob. All rights reserved.

Scott Hall

Scott Hall painting by Rob Schamberger

Acrylic on 24″ x 24″ wood

Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon is inarguably one of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling. Dominantly intimidating in appearance, he coupled that with amazing ring psychology and incredible ability in the ring. His biggest angle is of course when he formed the New World Order with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. The NWO is one of, if not the most popular factions in wrestling’s storied history. I remember going to high school at the time and those black and white NWO shirts were everywhere I looked.

Lately, the talk about Hall seems to center on his personal life and the troubles he has, and recently the event in his past that led to so many of these problems happening. I prefer to focus on how he could make an entire arena explode by simply saying, “Hey, yo,” or “Say hello to the bad guy.”

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