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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Women’s Tag Team Championships
Ink, watercolor, spray and acrylic on 30″ x 22″ watercolor paper

The thing I’m hearing from you most about the Championship Series is how much you’re enjoying use of white paint in them, how it makes the paintings feel tactile, as if you can reach out and feel the ridges and textures. What I’m doing is playing with how light reaches the human eye and the science behind it. 

I start with the darkest part, applying flat black ink, then build up my midtones. That’s helped a lot by the use of misting some spray paint on, which attaches to the black and gives a graininess I probably wouldn’t be able to get with traditional paint and brush. The whole thing leads to the last step, which is the application of white acrylic paint to the areas that are reflecting the light first back at us when we see the object.

I’d originally had a different championship in mind for this month’s installment to the series, but the announcement of the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships became a must. I’m excited by this, because it makes such an exciting future for women’s wrestling and a now constant need for more young ladies to think about becoming a bad ass professional wrestler like the ones who are in WWE now.

That’s the whole point, right? Here in Missouri, girls’ wrestling in high school is the fastest growing sport in the state and I’m hearing the same nationally. I have friends who are heavily involved in youth wrestling and the last few years the influx of girls entering the sport has exploded. Nothing short of bad ass from my perspective.