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Ink and liquid acrylic on 22″ x 30″ watercolor paper

My favorite thing about The Undertaker, as an artist, is how the character has evolved since he debuted. It’s the same character but every few years something new is done to keep it fresh. With his inclusion to the Playing Card Series, I thought it’d be cool to instead of just flipping the image vertically to instead play with the evolution a bit. I opted for a more modern look on one side and the ‘biker’ persona on the other.

One reason is a selfish one, in that I wanted to finally do a big piece of that version as I hadn’t yet. But I thought that it showed both the larger-than-life ‘dead man’ Undertaker and the more human side, the man who became the legend if you will. Flipping the cemetery background works with both iterations really well, speaking to how at the end of the day it’s always The Undertaker.