Adam Pearce painting by Rob Schamberger © 2012 Rob. All rights reserved.

Adam Pearce

Adam Pearce by Rob Schamberger

Stenciled spray paint on 11″ x 14″ bristol

‘Scrap Iron’ Adam Pearce made the NWA title, and thus the NWA itself, mean something again. The organization took some major hits over the last three decades. First when the WCW pulled out of the organization, and then Flair took the title with him to WWF making it not much more than a prop. Then Shane Douglas and Paul Heyman worked up the angle where ECW would leave by having Douglas spit on it and throw it on the ground. Then there was the affiliation with TNA ending, and it seemed like the NWA title didn’t mean much anymore.

But then comes Adam Pearce winning the title, and he travels to all of the promotions that the title hadn’t gone to in a while and putting over their local heroes while using underhanded heel tactics to retain his gold. The fans started caring again. The auditorium has an electricity in it when the champ is in town.

He also has the respect of his peers, which goes a whole hell of a long way in the business. It’s truly my honor to be working with him on this print.

I’ll have hand-painted prints of this available for $25 at the May 5th Metro Pro show, and soon on a shop here.

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