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Sasha Banks
Ink and liquid acrylic on 22″ x 30″ watercolor paper

The Playing Card Series has been a fun challenge. It limits me to a certain format with an even more limited palette of colors to choose from. I think it’s those limitations, like a haiku, that forces me to create the beauty and to see how far I can push things within those constraints.

That’s what I went for with this Sasha Banks piece. I could have gone with the normal duplication of the image horizontally and put in the crazy effort on her ring jacket, but I wanted to go an extra step and opted to add in the downtown Boston skyline mirrored as well rather than just a ruled border as I’d done with others in the series.

I joked with my wife while working on it that I was putting as much work into that jacket as drawing every individual window in Boston. While putting together the Canvas 2 Canvas video I looked at the time and the windows slightly beat out the jacket bling with length of time working, but just barely.

This was fun. I’m interested myself in what I do to push the next one even further, but staying within the guidelines.