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The Ladies of NXT 2018

The Ladies of NXT 2018
Watercolor on 22″ x 30″ watercolor paper

As I was working on this piece of the NXT ladies it really hit how unique each of them are. I love that. From their appearance and gear, to how those reflect their personalities, and that each of them have their own motivations. Also, given the right circumstance they’re each a contender for the title.

I had a successful woman wrestler point out to me last year that WWE had really only had women’s matches until a month or two before the first Women’s Royal Rumble. They had enough women to keep the matchups fresh, but there wasn’t really a full division.

Not anymore.

I argue that NXT has the best top to bottom roster of ladies it’s ever had. The ‘Four Horsewomen’ era was rightfully awesome and definitely set the stage for where we are now. This painting is of the wrestlers who are on NXT TV right now and it’s a rich and remarkable group. And think about this for a second: It doesn’t even include the competitors in the Mae Young Classic, in the NXT UK roster, or the athletes currently in the Performance Center.

Let that sink in and you’ll probably be as excited as I am about how great things are and how much better they’re going to be in the near future!