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Not Bad Con 2020

Not Bad Con 2020 is a totally free event, but there are some expenses involved. If you’re enjoying it and want to leave a tip, feel free but also don’t feel obliged. We love doing this for you. Keep scrolling and you’ll also find a whole lot of artwork available, too!

MARCH 20-22

A virtual online convention experience! Live art! Prints and paintings! Panels! Cosplay!

Can’t go to a convention in person? Let’s still get together, have some fun, and learn from each other! Keep checking back here for a schedule of events, where to experience them (Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and more!

There will be a ton of content and updates going up regularly on Twitter and Instagram throughout all three days, and here are our featured panels!


1PM: Not Bad Con Opens! Live on Instagram, posted later to YouTube.

Live art, announcement of what art will be available and more!

5PM: Photography Basics From Both Sides of the Lens with Paul Andrews. Available on YouTube.

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words, but in today’s visual world, a high-quality photo is worth $1,000! Do you struggle to take photos that make your subject matter pop? Or does the thought of scheduling a studio session for professional headshots make you want to hide? Renowned wedding and lifestyle photographer Paul Andrews, owner of Paul Andrews Photography, will join Rob for a chat in Paul’s studio about how to improve your photography, no matter what side of the lens you’re on!

7:30PM: Studio Hangout w/ Rob Schamberger. Live on Instagram.

A laid-back BYOB Q&A. If we can’t hang in person, we can still have some fun in real time!


10AM: Day Two Begins! Live on Instagram

Painting progress, what art is available and what’s coming up for the day!

12PM: Paper Craft Fun with Matt Hawkins!

Gather the whole family for some creative fun! Kansas City-based artist and musician, Matt Hawkins, will share a demonstration on how to make one of his signature paper crafts out of supplies you likely have at home. Matt is a licensed Disney artist, among many accomplishments, and regularly visits children’s-focused non-profits in the Kansas City area with similar demonstrations.

3PM: Keepin’ It Real Online with Jake Jacobson, Gene Willis, Rob Schamberger and Katy Schamberger. Live on Twitter.

In an online world filled with too-perfect posts, there’s significant value in keepin’ it real — both for yourself and, if applicable, your business. In this live roundtable discussion, Rob and Katy Schamberger will be joined by digital marketing pros Jake Jacobson (vice president, Native Digital) and Gene Willis (Chief Engagement Officer, United Inner City Services). They’ll share their own experience online, both personal and professional, while answering the following questions:
Why is online authenticity important?
How can we feel connected on social media?
What are some ways we can keep it real online (without, you know, TMI)?

5PM: Kitty Cosplay! Posted on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

Yeah, we’re those people. It’s our cats. In costumes.

6:30PM: #WorldsFinest Drink & Draw. Live on Instagram.

Rob and Katy will have ten minutes to draw a prompt you give us, while imbibing in some adult beverages. You’ll then vote on who did a better job! Katy better won. Katy wrote this.


10AM Day Three Begins! Live on Instagram.

How’s the painting coming along? What’s available to buy? What’s coming up for day three? We’ll maybe answer these questions if we feel like it.

2PM: Create Your Own Shockmaster Costume! Live on Instagram.

So, listen, Rob’s just going to spraypaint some glitter onto a Stormtrooper helmet, but let’s act like it’s a big deal to help out his fragile ego, alright?

4PM: Behind the Scenes at Journey Pro Wrestling & How to Support Indie Wrestling. Posted on all platforms.

Given Kansas City’s roots as a pivotal part of pro wrestling history, it only makes sense that it’s now the home of one of the most exciting indie promotions out there: Journey Pro KC Co-Owner and Promoter Walter Fulbright stops by Rob’s studio for a chat with Rob about starting and running an indie wrestling promotion, including showcasing the best Journey Pro match so far. (Any guesses on what it is?) Plus, Walter will share tips on how we can all support indie promotions and wrestlers now and in the weeks to come.

5PM: Closing Panel: How to Work From Home without Destroying Your Relationship. Live on Instagram.

There’s an art (no pun intended) to working AND living in the same space with your partner. In this live Instagram chat, Rob and Katy Schamberger, also known as #WorldsFinest, will dish on how they protect their relationship while working together in relatively close quarters — first, the same building, and now, the same house. Join in with your own tips & questions on working from home!