Painting by Kansas City artist Rob Schamberger © 2012 Rob. All rights reserved.

Looking Up, Speaking Out

Acrylic, spray paint, and paint marker on 24″x24″ wood

All of these tags are real ones, mostly from 80’s and 90’s New York and Los Angeles, with a few others thrown in. They range from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Lady Pink, from Keith Haring to random scrawls on a subway. There’s also a few historical ones mixed in, like Kilroy Was Here, Bozo Texino, and an Eye of Horus from ancient Egypt! There are three from my personal history: How I sign my name now, how I signed my name when I was a teenager (and that my teenage brother uses now!), and a cat that my mom had put up on our garage to piss off a neighbor who had shot one of our cats with a pellet gun.

It was a lot of fun researching all of these tags and matching their writing style.

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