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Limited Edition Signed Harley Race Print


I’m releasing 50 of these 12″ x 18″ glossy limited edition prints, all of which will be signed by the 8-time World Champion himself, Harley Race! The full $25 from each sold will be going to help with the medical bills of the Gamblin family. Darren Gamblin, aka Jack Gamble, is a wrestler who was trained by and works for Harley. He and his wife were in a serious car wreck, so I decided to do this to help them manage their expenses. I want this to sell out quick, people! Please share!

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  1. Travis

    Hi. I would like to buy one of these. Is it possible to have one personalized to my daughter?

    Thank you,

  2. Travis

    Thanks for the reply! Slightly embarrassed, because I’m not sure if you think I meant I’d like you or Harley Race to personalize the photo. I was hoping Harley could do that and I mean no offense. Your artwork is really cool.

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