Ultimate Warrior


Big Gold Belt


For this collection, I combined three of my passions: Vintage pin-up visuals, music and street art techniques. First preparing the surface with embossed letters spelling out song lyrics, I then painted with a mixture of acrylics, ink, marker and spray paint, finishing with seemingly contradictory and random symbols, leaving the viewer to decide what exactly is being said.

Layers Revealed by Rob Schamberger



For this smaller collection, I continued thematically from Skull Says Heart using street art techniques and vintage pin-ups, but brought more focus to those two elements, attempting to make as profound a statement as possible with a rather limiting technique and subject matter.

Spray Tan by Rob Schamberger



In the vein of the Streethearts collection, with these pieces I brought my focus to evoking mood through color as well as subject matter.

Big Hair by Rob Schamberger


Why spend all of this time learning street art techniques if I’m not going to actually do street art? That’s what I asked myself, at least. Here are the answers to my question.

Remiss by Rob Schamberger


  1. Nick Williams

    Hello I love your all of your art but as a pro wrestler and life long fan my self i completely love you pro wrestling art and would love to see a Sting painting soon in your gallery.

  2. Brenden D.

    I can’t wait for a Sting painting. Also, do u sell any of your work?

  3. Franklin poff

    Hey Rob love your work I myself am an artist as well,and started doing some pro wrestling art myself and really enjoy doing it ,I did a saulte to masked men with 3 from the u.s.,3 from japan and 3 from mexico and a Sting/Ric Flair pic in ink, also a pic of my mentor “Handsome” Jimmy Vailiant …so I was thrilled when I saw your work and am thinking of doing a wrestler inspired collection is there any advice you can give me thanks…ps 87/88 Sting would be the best for you to paint I think you would really bring it to life ,Thanks

    • Rob

      Thanks Franklin! Man, I get asked about Sting about ten times a day: Guess I better get painting on that one, huh?

  4. Drew

    Do both stings!