Can I pay you to do a painting for me?

I’m not currently taking any commissions, but I am always adding new work so keep an eye out for the one you can’t live without!

How long do prints take to get to me?

I try to ship them out within a week of when I received your order. Sometimes it can take a little longer, unfortunately. I’m a one-man operation, but trust me, it’s very important to me that you get what you paid for in a timely manner.

How do you ship prints and paintings?

They’re sent flat, in plastic, with a cardboard backing and in a stay-flat envelope. I take every precaution I can to make sure you get them as pristine as possible.

I didn’t get a confirmation email from you for my order. What’s up with that?

I don’t have an automatic email that goes out, although PayPal sends them I believe. Within a few days though you’ll get an email from FedEx with your tracking number.

I’m abroad (not a broad, but I could be), do you handle my customs/duties/tariff fee?

Unfortunately I can’t. Being a one-man operation, I’m not able to stay on top of what each country’s current tariffs, duty fees, customs fees, etc. are, and they could change by the time your package makes it to your nation. I don’t want to accidentally overcharge you, or vice-versa lead to you still needing to pay on it when you thought it was taken care of. You either pay for it at the time of purchase or after it’s delivered, and with the latter you’re not potentially overcharged. Hey, I’m looking out for you, broad! Also, since I use FedEx, to expedite your delivery they will bill you for those fees, and you’ll normally receive that after the package made it to you. Just be aware that’s coming!