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DREAM MATCH SERIES: Braun Strowman vs Andre the Giant

DREAM MATCH SERIES: Braun Strowman vs Andre the Giant
Watercolor and liquid acrylic on 30″ x 22″ watercolor paper

For the latest installment in the Dream Match Series I wanted to give you something titanic. (Don’t worry, those puns are going to keep coming hot and heavy.) This was actually the first one I had in mind when starting the series, but the approach to it came to me as I was working on it. I’m a huge (see?) fan of Japanese artist Noriyoshi Ohrai, who did some awesome posters for the Godzilla movies.

Seems like an obvious thing to homage for a clash of titans like Braun Strowman and Andre the Giant, right? The color palette and the lightning crackling around them are both loving nods to Ohrai’s work.

The Dream Match Series is all about giving you the fuel for your imagination when thinking about a match-up like this. Why not take it even further, right? Would something like this be just a promotional poster, or would it make a phenomenal movie? What if? What if Toho had both of these guys and made a movie with them stomping around Tokyo, where no matter who wins, we lose?